Police Investigating Tragic California Bus Crash That Killed Five

car accident, personal injury lawyerA tragic bus accident that happened last Tuesday is now under investigation. According to the authorities, officials are looking into the possibility that the driver involved in the collision had not had enough rest prior to the crash.

The accident happened in Central California, where the bus traveling on a San Joaquin Valley highway veered off just before dawn striking an exit sign post. The 1998 bus was carrying 27 people. Four passengers died along with the driver.

The bus did not hold any computer that records the engine, but investigators say they will look into comments made by witnesses to learn whether the bus was going at about 65 miles per hour or faster at the time of the crash.

Recently, reports claimed that investigators began looking into the circumstances that may have led to the crash. These reports claim that the driver who lost his life to the crash may have been fatigued prior to the accident.

Other factors that are being considered include distracted driving, which might be associated with a cell phone or another electronic.

Both the California Highway Patrol and federal investigators are also looking into the bus company’s records. The bus involved in the crash is also being investigated.

Until we learn what happened prior to this tragic crash, we hope that the families who lost loved ones are receiving the help they deserve in this time of grief.

When accidents happen because a third party has been negligent, victims should not be left alone to deal with the consequences on their own. As the medical bills pile up, those who are injured should keep in mind that they have rights worth fighting for. The families of those whose lives are lost to tragic accidents should also receive all the support they require to fight on behalf of their loved ones.

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