Motorcyclist Sues GM Over Crash With Self-Driving Car

motorcycle accident self-driving car

The self-driving car revolution is here and it won’t go anywhere — even if a man suing General Motors after an accident with its autonomous car is successful.

According to a series of news reports, a man has launched a lawsuit against General Motors after the company’s self-driving car was involved in an accident.

The crash involved a motorcyclist who now claims that the company’s Cruise Automation self-driving Bolt veered into his lane causing him to be knocked off his motorcycle. According to the rider who’s now suing GM, the self-driving car was trying to make a lane change but was unable to do so safely. As a result, the accident took place.

While a human driver was present at the time, the company’s system appears to have been in charge.

According to many news organizations, the fact that an accident involving a self-driving car has produced a lawsuit was bound to happen. Still, experts believe that regardless of how this suit will progress and whether the judge and the jury will find the company to blame or not, this will end up not tarnishing the autonomous car industry’s image.

Still, accidents will continue to happen, and it’s important to keep an eye on this case as it could set a precedent for other similar accidents in the future.

After all, if a self-driving car is involved in an injury accident, who should be taking the blame, the human driver or the company for developing technology that failed to protect all parties involved?

We will stay tuned and keep you updated as we hear more about this lawsuit and other related reports. In the meantime, do not let a negligent party get off scot-free if you’re ever injured in an accident. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case immediately. You might be entitled to compensation.

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