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We’ve all been out on the roads and seen a motorcycle darting in and out of traffic. Given the relatively small size of such vehicles and the speeds at which they can go, it’s easy for other drivers to think of all motorcyclists as risk takers. But this simply isn’t fair to the vast majority of motorcycle drivers who obey the requisite traffic laws and follow every possible safety procedure when taking to the roads. In fact, when drivers of motorcycles are injured, the accident can usually be attributed to someone else’s driver error.

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If you’re a motorcycle driver who’s been in an accident, then you require legal representation from a team that understands the unique nature of your case. The San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group fully comprehend the challenges that your claim might present, and we can help you overcome these obstacles. For over 30 years, we’ve served our clients to the best of our abilities, and in that time, we’ve succeeded in obtaining more than $400 million for our numerous clients, adding up to an astounding 98.4% success rate.

We’re able to put together such stellar numbers because of legal techniques perfected over the course of years, as well as an attention to detail that’s unmatched by other law firms. We start by thoroughly examining the facts surrounding a crash, paying particular attention to things like:

  • All the parties involved, from the various drivers to those responsible for hazards in the road or even a parts manufacturer whose critical part might have failed
  • Determining the level of liability of each of these parties
  • Analyzing the seriousness of your injuries and their extent on your overall way of life
  • Assessing the insurance coverage policy limits of all parties

By carefully putting together the details of your case, we ensure that your claim is being presented in the absolute best way possible. This way, you have a better chance at getting compensation for everything that you’re entitled to. This may include reimbursement of medical bills, lost income due to the accident preventing you from working, repair costs on your vehicle, and other damages. We also stress the importance of preparing a detailed record of every single one of your expenses, so that way you have concrete proof of the financial burden placed upon you.

Free Injury Consultation: 909-277-6966

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Your motorcycle accident shouldn’t define your life. To move past it, call the San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard.

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