You Could Soon Control Your Car Via Smartphone

Auto accidents are often associated with human error. Since many companies like Google started working on developing autonomous vehicles, many experts believe that the number of accidents will drop once the technologies are widely available to drivers across the country.

But as companies continue to innovate and more technologies are developed to help drivers to avoid accidents and stay out of harm’s ways in the event of accidents, other companies come up with new technologies that take full control over your car so you can do something else.

Car Tech Allows Drivers To Take Control With Their Smartphone

iphone-410311_640-1According to the latest reports, the new Range Rover Sport vehicles could soon be controlled via smartphones.

Land Rover has been wrking on technologies that would deliver autonomous capabilities to drivers. According to the news sources covering this story, the sensor technology being used should soon be programmed to be used in any environment, come rain or come shine.

The technology could link your smartphone to your vehicle, making it possible for you to control your vehicle from your smartphone. Enabling this capability could help the driver to maneuver the vehicle through rough road patches from the outside.

But that’s not all. The firm is also working on a prototype based on a Range Rover Sport that would allow the driver to handle a full 180-degree turn with the help of the smartphone. How does that work, you might be asking. According to the firm, the feature would allow you to watch your vehicle turn itself around after finding a dead end. Everything would be handled with the help of the phone: acceleration, brakes, and even steering. Once the vehicle is pointing the other way, the driver can take over.

For the system to work, however, the driver must remain within 10m of the car so the autonomous technology can work.But as more people talk about the technology and how it could change how drivers handle their vehicles, privacy experts begin to worry about how Land Rover will make these systems safe enough to keep thieves from taking over through the smartphone system.If you’re curious to know more about this new car safety tech, you may follow this link to read the full article. Learning more about car safety tech and other features developed by automakers could help you to make a better choice when the time to buy a new car comes.

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