Woman Drops Six Feet Down Sidewalk Gap Because She Was Distracted

distracted pedestrian

A woman who was on her phone while walking on the sidewalk was seriously injured after falling into a basement.

The incident is terrifying as it shows a trend that may continue to put the lives of countless drivers and now pedestrians in great danger.

According to the reports, the 67-year-old was walking down a sidewalk in a Plainfield, New Jersey sidewalk while looking at her phone. As she approached an open access door, she failed to see where she was stepping, dropping six feet down the stairs before hitting a basement.

The door had been open prior to the incident because crews had been working on gas lines. And according to the woman’s son, she may have had at least one additional factor to have helped her fall into that gap: the fact she’s legally blind.

Regardless of her health conditions, this incident makes us question whether pedestrians aren’t relying on their luck way too much while out and about. After all, distraction doesn’t only affect drivers, it also affects those who are navigating the streets on foot.

If you’re focusing on your phone while walking, you may not be keen to noticing street signs, warning signs, and even intersections. This condition has put many pedestrians in danger in the past and will continue putting people in danger for as long as pedestrians ignore the risks.

If you’re serious about your safety both as a driver or as a pedestrian, you will put your phone down and focus on the road — or sidewalk — ahead.

Watch the entire ordeal here:

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