Why We Should Celebrate Technological Efforts Combating Distracted Driving

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California drivers are not alone when it comes to distracted driving. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has turned into an epidemic nationwide, with millions of drivers being exposed to its risks regularly. The problem has grown so rapidly that by now, about 1,000 people are injured and at least nine are killed daily in accidents involving distraction.

In order to help drivers practice safe driving techniques that keep them as far away from distracted driving as possible, a company has developed a new app for iPhones known as Text Free Drivers app.

Created by an insurance company, this app will help drivers who pledge not to text and drive. And, if the driver follows the rules and keeps up with his or her pledge, there’s nothing stopping the added safety feature to help some drivers to have better access to more affordable rates as they prove they are being safer motorists.

The app works by sounding an alarm when the phone is picked up from its resting state while the car is in motion. The driver may even add an alert using a recording by a loved one or an image so that he or she gets a harsh reminder that they are risking their lives if they intend to text while behind the wheel.

As personal injury attorneys who have spent our lives helping drivers, riders, passengers, and cyclists injured in accidents caused by distraction and erratic behavior, we believe that any effort that helps drivers to become better is welcome.

We hope drivers who are serious about their safety learn about this and other efforts and take advantage of them as they may help them to put an end to distracted driving. As you may know, many drivers may believe their skills are beyond reproach and that distracted driving accidents will never happen with them. Unfortunately, these accidents are more common than you may expect and drivers are all too often fooled by the confidence they have in their skills. Especially young and inexperienced drivers.

For more on this app and how to get it, follow this link.

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