When Do You Have Legal Grounds for a Lawsuit After a Motorcycle Crash?

This question is typical for many persons after being injured in a motorcycle accident.  If your queries have brought you to this page, then it’s likely that you are in fact eligible to file a lawsuit.  The very feeling of having been wronged in an accident should be enough incentive to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer on your claim.

Numerous parties could be held liable for your accident, including other drivers, the driver piloting a motorcycle that had you as the passenger, the manufacturer responsible for producing an inferior component installed on the motorcycle or other automobile, or those entities that are tasked with ensuring the roads are safe for motor vehicles.

Maybe you think that because you’re partially at fault, you’re not entitled to a suit.  This is simply not true.  Yes, you might not get the damage amounts that you would have should you have been completely cleared of fault, but anyone who also contributed to the crash might still owe you compensation.

What are You Entitled to?

This compensation typically includes reimbursement of medical bills, emotional damages, pain and suffering, and lost earnings due to your having to miss work, including long-term recompense for an extended inability to maintain employment.  Gaining financial restitution for all of these things is essential in offsetting the deleterious impact of an accident.

To get all of this, though, you need a lawyer.  The complex legislation that governs motorcycle accidents can only be navigated by someone with years of experience in that field.  Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is essential in ensuring that you are getting a fair shot at compensation.  Bringing a lawyer onboard quickly is also essential, as states place a statute of limitations on how long you have to file a claim.

The Benefits of a Hiring Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can work tirelessly to prove that your accident was the direct result of some other party’s negligence.  To do this, he or she will typically compile police documentation, rescue personnel documentation, witness statements, doctor’s records, test results, photographs, and your own personal testimony.  With this information in hand, your lawyer can put together a sound case that establishes the fault of the defending party.  If for some reason the viability of your case is invalidated by a certain law, a lawyer can determine that as well.

Many cases will end before the case even reaches a courtroom.  This is because settlements are typically reached between insurance adjusters and the injured party.  An attorney can help to ensure that such terms are beneficial to the client and that the entire legal process goes smoothly.  And if a settlement is not reached, then a motorcycle accident lawyer can put forth your claim in court.

Don’t hesitate another second to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer if you think you might be eligible to file a lawsuit.  Contact the the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group today for help getting the justice you deserve.

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