What To Do To Avoid Accidents This Back To School Season

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To many parents, school has already begun. Unfortunately, many drivers continue to drive erratically in school zones despite the road rules.

As personal injury attorneys, we take the risk associated with erratic and irresponsible driving seriously. That’s why our clients have chosen us in the first place. So in order to help our readers understand how they should proceed in order to make sure they aren’t involved in accidents, we decided to remind them to follow certain tips.

Reduce Distractions To Avoid Accidents

While behind the wheel, drivers must keep in mind that distracted driving is one of the top contributors to auto accidents not only in California but also across the country.

For drivers to make sure they are never putting the lives of children in danger, they must reduce the number of distractions present in their cars. Put the phone away, avoid having many passengers, and never drive while your pet sits in your lap. If you’re a parent and you have children in the backseat, make sure they are not steering your attention away from the road.

When driving in school zones, remember that some children may not be as alert to the traffic as others. That means that you should be twice as careful as to not expose anyone to any risks.

Beware Of School Buses

School buses are tasked with driving our kids school and back home regularly. We want these buses and their drivers to perform the best job they can, but they can only make sure kids are safe if other drivers are paying attention.

If a school bus has its lights flashing, you should never pass it as kids may be either entering or leaving the bus. Also, make sure you know the local laws regarding minimum distance behind a school bus.

For Parents: Here’s What To Teach Your Little Ones To Avoid Accidents

Parents may not be aware of this, but children can learn to avoid accidents.

Before taking your child to school or walking him or her to the school bus stop, parents should teach kids important steps that will help them to avoid being victims in pedestrian v. car accidents.

From an early age, children should be taught to look left, right, and then left again every time they need to cross the street. Parents should also make sure that phones, headphones, and other devices should not be used while crossing the street. If your child is a teenager, this is particularly important.

If you drive your children to school, be a good example by never using your phone while behind the wheel and making sure that you do not have your headphones on while walking with your children and crossing the street.

As personal injury attorneys, we’re aware that drivers are often distracted and oblivious, putting children’s lives in danger. If your child has been injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver in Los Angeles, do not hesitate to contact us. You’re entitled to a free case evaluation and if you do become our client, we won’t charge you a penny unless we recover what you’ve lost.

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