WATCH: Jenna Bush Hager Shares Bus Safety Tips


School is back. Even if you’re not a parent, you may have noticed if you have to commute early in the morning for work. In order to help TV viewers be the best drivers they can to avoid accidents that could lead to children being injured, Jenna Bush Hager took to her Network TV show to offer some of her favorite school bus safety tips.

These tips are important because many drivers are still oblivious of the importance of being safe, driving defensively and following road rules near school buses filled with children.

During her TV segment, Hager told her viewers that many school buses nowadays use propane, making them quieter and safer than others. Because thousands of children will be riding these buses, drivers must remember that quieter vehicles may be harder to notice. If drivers are distracted and unaware of what is going on around them, they will be posing serious risks to children riding these buses as they may not be able to avoid a collision.

While Hager doesn’t talk only about that, we urge our readers to keep in mind that, here in California, we hear about too many school bus collisions involving passenger cars.

We hope that drivers are aware of the risks and hope they are also aware that the way to avoid them is to simply follow road rules and be observant of their surroundings.

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