Victim Sues Snapchat Over Distracted Driving Crash

Auto crashes continue to be a serious problem for drivers and passengers, and as the sharing economy continues to flourish, so do the risks.

Across the country, consumers begin to ask themselves whether smartphone apps should be held liable in case of crashes in which passengers, drivers, or pedestrians are injured.

The discussion began with the app known as Snapchat and its “speed filter,” which is a feature that tracks how fast the vehicle is going as the driver snaps a “selfie.” According to several lawyers, things get even more complicated once you factor in the fact that Snapchat images disappear after being sent to the recipient, forcing the user to use greater concentration in order to take the photo he or she is envisioning.

When the driver ceases to pay attention to the road in order to focus on what he or she is doing with their smartphone, 100 percent of their attention is removed from the road. The results are often tragic.

When involved in an auto crash, whether the guilty party was using a phone to text or to take a “selfie,” victims should not stay silent.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash caused by a distracted driver who was on apps like Snapchat, you should not be left to foot your medical bills on your own.

Recently, a crash victim from Georgia filed a lawsuit against Snapchat claiming that the vehicle that crashed into her was being driven by a motorist who was using Snapchat’s speed filter feature. Due to the driver’s distraction, the vehicle crashed into the back of the victim’s car at 100 miles per hour. The victim suffered serious brain trauma as a result of the tragic accident.

Since many of the locals have lower insurance coverage due to their incomes, the victim decided to sue the company for putting his life in jeopardy due to the app’s speed filter.
If you or a loved one has ever been involved in a crash caused by a distracted phone use, do not let the guilty parties get away with it.

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For more on the Snapchat lawsuit, watch the video below.

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