Ventura Bus Accident Lawyer

bus accident lawyer

Ventura Bus Accident Lawyer

Fleets of buses carry passengers to and from their destinations in locales all across the state. These vehicles are convenient and beneficial to the environment, but they are not without their drawbacks. For one thing, the enormous size of such vehicles can often provide an impediment to safety if the driver isn’t properly trained or the lanes are not sufficiently accommodating. When you also stop to consider that buses don’t have safety restraints or airbags that are commonplace in other vehicles, it’s easy to see how injurious a bus accident could be.

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Have you been the victim of a bus accident of any sort? Then you need the assistance of the Ventura bus accident lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group. For more than 30 years, our attorneys have studied and put into practice those areas of the law that govern such crashes. We fully comprehend the unique legal challenges that present themselves in these types of cases, and we can help ensure that you have the best shot possible at receiving compensation for your injuries.

A typical bus accident can result from a variety of different factors. Negligent parties come in all shapes and size. The driver of the bus could could be liable. If that accident’s cause is shown to be due to a lack of proper driver training, then the operating company could be accountable. The same goes for if important safety features weren’t available. A lot can cause a crash, but no matter the cause, you should be entitled to restitution for things like:

  • Lost income due to missing work because of your injury
  • Pain and emotional suffering that the accident has inflicted upon you
  • Medical treatments and the stack of bills that such healthcare leaves in its wake

Yet it’s hard to get any of this without the proper legal representation. Our team can analyze every aspect of a case to surmise where the responsibility for the crash lies. That way, once we begin the process of negotiating your claim, we can present the evidence in such a way that any argument contrary to your receiving compensation for your injuries becomes moot.

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If this sounds like the kind of helping hand that you can use, then give us a call. We provide a consultation by a member of our expert legal team at absolutely no charge to you. That way you can get your questions answered but not feel obligated if you don’t think we’re a good fit. Simply dial our number or fill out the form on this page at any time of the day or night.

In our existence, we’ve established a 98.4% success rate and over $400 million in compensation for our clients. Let us add you to our list of successes. Call the Ventura bus accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard immediately.

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