Two Motorcyclists Deadly Injured In Head-On Accident

motorcycle accident

An accident involving two motorcyclists resulted in two fatalities, the California Highway Patrol has announced.

This tragic accident hits close to home as many of our personal injury lawyers are motorcyclists themselves. In their decades of dedication to helping motorcyclists who are injured, they have seen too many preventable accidents taking the lives of countless riders like themselves. And it’s because of that that they feel a special bond with victims in motorcycle accidents.

According to the reports revolving around this particular accident, the head-on collision happened on Ortega Highway just west of Lake Elsinore.

A motorcyclist who was heading east on the road was traveling at “excessive speed,” according to reports. As he approached a curve, he crossed into the westbound lane at the same time another motorcyclist was heading west. Officials do not know how fast the second rider was going.

Both riders died as a result of the devastating collision and reports claim that the road was shut down in both directions after the accident.

No other riders or drivers were involved in this crash.

It’s terrifying to think that this accident could have been prevented if speed was a factor.

Riders must keep in mind that they too have a responsibility in keeping themselves safe by riding defensively. Not speeding is part of that.

Just like drivers, riders have a hard time negotiating curves and operating their vehicles correctly when they speed. If riders do not act accordingly, they may not be able to negotiate curves safely and a collision may occur. Believing that you’re immune to risks is a serious flaw and a fault you should not commit if your goal is to make it home safe.

Our thoughts go out to the victims’ families and friends who are now going through a great deal of pain and suffering due to this tragic accident.

If you would like to know more about this crash, follow this link for the full report.

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