Truck Driver Arrested After Metrolink Accident


The Metrolink accident that involved a truck took place last Tuesday and is still under investigation. In spite of the fact that many news sources have already reported on a series of facts associated with the accident, reports concerning the moments that led to the accident are still murky.

In spite of the issues raised by many, the authorities still maintain that the 54-year-old driver of the truck involved in the collision had his truck stuck in the railroad tracks as he attempted to turn his 2005 Ford G-450 onto the 5th Street. The authorities claim the vehicle was pulling a trailer carrying welding tools a series of other equipment. Since the driver was unable to remove the vehicle and get it unstuck, the driver reportedly decided to leave the scene prior to the collision.

As a result, the train collided with the truck in spite of the train engineer’s attempts to stop the train before hitting the vehicle. At least 28 out of the 50 people involved in the accident were sent to the hospital, including the engineer. No deaths have been reported.

Truck Driver Had DUI In His Traffic Record

According to the authorities, the truck driver may have just feared for his life, which prompted him to run, but a quick look at the man’s record indicates he has at least one DUI under his belt.

After being arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and-run, reporters took the opportunity to look into his background and found that in 2007, he was cited for failure to obey a traffic-control device. In 2004 he was convicted of a local driving infraction in Yuma, and in 1998 he pleaded guilty to a series of violations in one case.

While investigators were able to obtain video from inside the train, the footage does not offer any extra information concerning the moments before the accident.

Investigators are planning on looking for witnesses and talking to the truck driver in order to obtain more information concerning the accident.

After the collision, sections of the tracks were damaged. Three of the Metrolink train’s cars ended up spilling onto the nearby gravel. Some ended up spilling also onto the adjacent street. Tuesday’s accident involving the truck did not end well, but many say that it could have turned out even worse. This is the fourth accident involving Metrolink trains that are pushed by locomotives that are in the back of the train and controlled from the front by a lighter cab car.

According to some safety experts, this practice is not as safe since lighter locomotives have greater risks of derailment.

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