Tragic Distracted Driving Accident Claims Life

police-862341_640A tragic two-vehicle accident that happened in upstate New York is making drivers across the country rethink the way they drive their own vehicles. To many safety advocates, the terrible occurrence should serve as a reminder that distracted driving can be deadly. And that should be enough of a reason to avoid taking on activities that could expose you to distracted driving risks.

The crash involved a father and his two daughters. According to the report, the driver was behind the wheel of an SUV when he allowed the vehicle to veer into the path of a dump truck full of gravel. According to the authorities, the 32-year-old driver may have been distracted before the crash. Authorities say that cellphone use, however, may not have been the reason for his distraction. Until the current investigation is finalized, it’s not yet certain that the driver’s distracted driving behavior is associated with any electronics. Nevertheless, the distraction allegedly caused the vehicle to crash head-on against the oncoming truck. As a result, the father behind the wheel of the SUV died. His two daughters were rushed to the hospital.

The truck driver involved in the accident wasn’t injured.

To safety experts, this story should serve as a reminder to drivers that distraction may lead to deadly accidents. Distracted driving, many experts say, is not directly associated with phone use alone. While talking or texting while behind the wheel may lead to deadly accidents, other activities may also lead to crashes.

Talking to passengers, dealing with pets, or handling children in the back seat may all lead to accidents. Other distracting activities may include performing personal grooming, applying makeup, or using infotainment systems’ voice commands while behind the wheel.

Drivers who are serious about their safety and the safety of their loved ones should always be reminded that focusing on the road ahead should be a priority. Ignoring the potential risks could expose yourself and your loved ones to grave danger.

For more details on this particular accident, follow this link.

If you’re serious about the safety of your loved ones during this holiday season, remember that distracted driving or drowsy driving during the holiday will be a serious problem. When more people are on the roads, more accidents are bound to happen. Being attentive and hitting the road only when you’re rested could help you to to make roads safer for everyone.

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