To Avoid Dog Bite Incidents Follow These Tips

dog bite, dog attack

Dog attacks can be dangerous, and at times, deadly. For parents with pets and small children, the risks are even greater. That’s why it’s important for dog owners to know just how to prevent dog attacks at their homes and in public.

But what happens when you find yourself face to face with a dog in the street? How can you act so that a serious dog bite incident won’t happen?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if you’re in public and a dog you’re not familiar with approaches, you should never move. Stand still. If a dog attacks and you get knocked over, officials say that you should do all you can to curl into a ball, covering your head, ears, and neck.

If you see a dog, do not approach if it isn’t familiar to you, especially if the animal is playing with a toy, eating or sleeping. Dogs who are carrying for puppies should also not be disturbed.

If you see a dog in the street, avoid making eye contact. Also, avoid standing with the side of your body facing the animal. If you feel like the dog may be threatening, slowly back away. If you do not feel confident about this move, simply wait for the dog to pass by.

While you wait, do not panic or make any noises that may catch the animal’s attention. If you’re carrying a backpack or a purse, use it as a buffer between you and the dog.

If you’re a dog owner, never leave your pet off the leash in public. If you have friends over, do not let the dog come in contact with them if the animal isn’t used to them. To make sure your animal isn’t a danger to anyone, including yourself and your children, learn how to identify signs that your dog may be aggressive. And never leave your pets alone with small children.

For more tips on how to prevent dog bite incidents, follow this link.

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