Tips On How To Safely Decorate For Christmas

The holidays are around the corner. When it comes to Christmas decorations, safety should be always in your mind, especially while dealing with lights and other items that could pose serious fire and burn risks to users.

According to safety advocates, installing holiday lights could be dangerous if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. By over stranding the wires, you could cause a fire. In certain cases, using led Christmas lights can be both efficient and much safer than using traditional lights, according to safety experts. By following the manufacturer’s recommendation you will be able to learn exactly just how many strings you can weave together before the items pose a fire risk.

Having Christmas lights installed outside of the house could also pose a risk if you do not use extension cords rated for outdoor use. Remember that due to varied weather conditions, the lights and extension cords could be exposed to rain and snow, which could damage the product if it’s not designed to tolerate the weather changes.

The choice of Christmas trees may also make your holiday safer. The fresher the tree you’re purchasing is, the longer it will last and the less of a fire hazard it will pose because its branches won’t dry up prematurely.

Fire officials warn consumers they should follow these safety tips in order to have the safest of holidays.

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