Three People Killed in Collision With Amtrak Accident

amtrak accident crashAccording to a series of news reports, a tragic crash involving three people has been announced. The incident involved an Amtrak train.

The reports show that at least three people died in the crash.

Moments before the crash, the vehicle carrying the three victims attempted to go around a stopped freight train on Avenu 9 in Madera County when an ongoing Amtrak train crashed into the pickup truck traveling along the dirt road. The train had been moving down the second set of tracks, and the driver may have not noticed it. The three occupants in the vehicle died as a result of the crash.

At the time of the accident, the California Highway Patrol has reported, the train was carrying 235 passengers. According to a local reporter, the train was traveling from San Francisco to Bakersfield.

This is not the first time a similar accident happened in California.

In April, a man was sent to the hospital with major injured after he attempted to drive around a parked Amtrak train. At the time, the CHP reported that this vehicle was nearly cut in half.
The CHP and other law enforcement agencies urge drivers to keep in mind that, whenever they see the crossing arms down, do not attempt to go around the intersection to cross the street. Instead, stop the vehicle and wait until the train goes by. It will save your life.

This type of accident should not be a common occurrence. Drivers and train operators as well as Amtrak administrators should not ignore the potential risks associated with this type of encounter. Drivers should also make sure they understand road rules and follow them at all times. Ignoring these regulations may increase the risk of crashes.
Since 2,000, over 2,000 accidents and deaths have been associated with Amtrak trains. In most cases, the crashes involve collisions between vehicles and the train. While most deaths occur due to collisions, injuries are more likely to occur when derailments occur.

If you’re serious about your safety, do not let similar accidents put our life and the lives of your loved ones in danger.

Avoid crashes by following road rules and keeping an eye on what is going on ahead of you.

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