This New Tech Could Put an End to Hot Car Deaths

Leaving a child in a hot car may lead to serious and even deadly consequences.

So far this year, at least 23 children have died after being left unattended inside of vehicles. Just two shy of the total number of children killed in hot car incidents last year. According to experts, if parents and caregivers are not serious about making sure that their children are safe, they may end up exposing their little ones to heat-related problems that could lead to serious injuries. So during the last few months, many advocacy groups have been putting up announcements regarding the hot car death epidemic, urging parents to follow some important steps so they won’t forget their child is sitting in the back seat. But what if automakers decided to put an end to this matter by simply developing a way to ensure children are not left in their vehicles unattended?

According to a series of news reports, General Motors may be close to making the hot car death epidemic a thing of the past.

With new technology, General Motors wants to prevent both child and pet deaths. The feat will be accomplished by adding a standard feature to all 2017 GMC Acadia vehicles that will remind drivers they should check their rear sets if the rear doors were opened at the start of the trip. With this new warning system, GM hopes to make sure that parents, caregivers, and pet owners are never left to their devices when it comes to ensuring their children’s safety.

According to a general manager at GMC, the new technology works by using sensors to check whether you have opened the back doors prior to driving the vehicle. By reading this signal, it assumes that a child or pet was placed in the back seat. As soon as the driver arrives at his or her destination and the engine is turned off, the vehicle’s alarm system will trigger five audible chimes and a reminder will be displayed on the dashboard. These alarms will ask you to check the rear seat.

While this system will only be available for 2017 GMC Acadia drivers, many believe that GM will install the same technology on other models as well.

Hopefully, more automakers will follow into GM’s footsteps in order to make sure that their customers are not putting their children’s lives in grave danger.

For more on this story, follow this link for the full report or watch the video below for more details.

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