These Auto Features Will Boost Your Safety, Experts Say

The auto industry has been developing a greater number of technologies that focus on giving the driver what he or she needs: safety.

As the pressure mounts, more and more automakers look into developing technologies that protect drivers and even prevent crashes. But according to some safety experts, there are certain features and systems that deserve more attention than others. In 2016, these experts say, these particular features will be the most important pieces of equipment. Why? Because they will make us all less likely to be injured in crashes.

One of the features many safety advocates are raving about is the Head-Up Display (HUD).

The system works with the help of a screen, but unlike the use of other types of screens like the ones we see on smartphones, HUDs give drivers the ability to use voice command. HUDs offer drivers a series of features that are easy to control. With the help of HUDs, drivers learn whether they should adjust their speed due to bad road conditions.

You may learn more about this technology by watching the video below.

While HUD could become one of the most popular technologies this year, dash cams could also become one of the most used features.

According to experts, dash cams are becoming popular because they help drivers prove that third parties were to blame for certain accidents. As police departments fit patrol cars with these cameras, dash cams provide important proof to help drivers when it comes to fighting for their rights against negligent parties.

With a dash cam on your vehicle, footage of an accident will come in handy when pressuring insurance companies. Attorneys are always urging drivers to gather documents on accidents in order to prove they aren’t to blame. With dash cams, drivers will have less of a hard time providing proof.

But what about other features such as semi-autonomous features?

Driver override is another system that may become one of the most popular in 2016. According to experts, driver override is the one feature drivers will most likely prefer to have over any other system.

Override functions allow the system to take control of vehicle functions in emergencies, helping drivers to avoid collisions and steer to safety. Collision avoidance technologies can even brake the vehicle promptly if it senses there’s an imminent danger ahead—and if the driver is not able to act fast to avoid a crash.

If you’re looking into purchasing a new car this year, you may want to look at this list of car technologies and systems that could help you to avoid accidents and injuries.

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