These Apple Speakers May Burn Your Desk

Consumer product recalls are often ignored by consumers.

According to the latest reports concerning the most recent U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, however, this latest campaign is expected to get a lot of air time.


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The reports show that Beats Electronics LLC, a California company, has launched a recall for certain speakers sold under the Apple brand. The recall was deemed necessary after Apple learned that at least eight consumers were impacted by issues associated with the products.

The announcement indicates that the products, Beats Pill XL speakers, come with certain batteries that could suddenly overheat. Since the product may cause burn injuries to consumers or damage to private property due to the overheating risk, the recall campaign was launched immediately.

Over 222,000 units of these devices were sold in the United States while 11,000 were sold in Canada. Consumers who believe they may have been impacted should check the devices for the letters “beatspillXL,” which can be seen on the handle of the devices. Also, look for the colors black, white, pink, titanium, or metallic sky.

According to Apple, the manufacturer launched the recall after the company received eight reports of incidents associated with the speakers overheating. As a result of the incidents, at least one consumer experienced a burn injury while another reported desk damage.

If you have been impacted by this recall, do not wait to have the issue addressed. Contact Apple immediately. The company should provide impacted consumers with paid postage so they may return the items. Upon return, consumers will receive a $325 Apple Store credit or electronic payment.

The devices were sold nationwide between January 2014 and June 2015. If you were impacted by this recall, make sure to have this issue addressed immediately so the devices are not exposing you, or loved ones, or property to risks.

Too often, consumer products are recalled long after consumers are injured. This recall came after a consumer reported an injury as a result of product failure. To avoid any potential risk in the future, consumers are urged to stay on top of recall news as often as possible. For that, follow the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website or visit our website more often for more details on recalls, whether they are linked to vehicles, consumer products, drugs or food items.

If you’re curious to learn more about this recall and how you should proceed to have this issue addressed, follow this link to read the full report published by the CPSC.

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