The Best And Safest Auto Redesigns For 2013

With the rolling in of the new year, new designs are launched and old favorites are updated to meet the needs of consumers.

Automakers have recently unveiled their 2013 models and redesigns and some of the announced updates concern some of the most popular vehicles in the country. According to some experts, this year is going to be strong for redesigns. Reports show that when automakers get it right, vehicles are re-designed to take a step forward from what the vehicle was before and offer an array of newer features that respond to the needs of drivers and the lifestyles they live.

Vehicles that managed to make it to the list of best redesigns of 2013 include the Honda Accord for its updated comfort, electronics, convenience features, electronics and fuel economy. The new Accord will cost the driver about $21,680 and it’s fully equipped with direct fuel injection. The consumer will be able to choose between the 278-horsepower V-6 and the 185-horsepower four cylinder. Additional option features will include the new Honda LaneWatch system that would help drivers to avoid accidents by showing the driver whatever it’s in his or her right-side blind spot whenever he or she is making a right turn.

The new Honda Accord may also be considered one of the most fuel efficient of its category by getting about 27 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon in the highway. Although this is a midsize car, it can get a better fuel economy than the tiny Honda Fit.

When coupled with the four-cylinder engine, this model may be considered one of the most fuel-efficient of its generation. On top of all updates, Honda Accord continues to be the car everybody knows, with the particular qualities and style that consumers are already familiar with.

Another vehicle that is poised to impress when it comes to redesigns is the new Ford Fusion. According to some experts, the new Fusion model especially redesigned for 2013 consumers has received the KBB’s 2013 Best Redesigned Vehicle award due to the fact this midsize sedan is not only competent but also efficient and stylish.

Specialists have claimed that the new Ford Fusion has been designed to have a more appealing exterior and interior. It offers drivers a large cabin, a system that helps drivers with parallel parking and a safety feature that can alert the driver if he or she happens to drift out of their lane.

The new Ford Fusion is also equipped with one of the following three optional engines: two turbocharged versions that come with either 178- or 240-horsepower and the base 175-horsepower version. The Fusion hybrid version can get 47 miles per gallon, according to experts, while the plug-in version can get about 108 miles per gallon equivalent in combined city and highway driving. Some of the best vehicles that have been redesigned for 2013 include the Ram 1500, the Nissan Pathfinder and the Porsche Boxster Convertible.

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