Teens Often Distracted While Behind The Wheel, Parents Say

Recent researches show that teens in Canada have been engaging in distracted driving habits, according to their parents.

The study indicates that one out of four parents who participated in the study have reported that their teens are usually distracted while behind the wheel by the radio or loud music while 21 percent of participants said most were distracted by passengers in the vehicle. Another 5 percent of parents said their teens are usually distracted by using their smartphone to text or check their email.

The research team also polled teen drivers and asked them about their parents and their behavior while behind the wheel. According to the researchers, 47 percent of all teens reported their parents were good drivers but only 29 percent of all teen surveyed claimed their mothers were good drivers. One of the most common fault reported by teens was their fathers’ tendency to speed. According to the research, drivers are learning less from instructors and more from family members. From all parents surveyed, only 35 percent reported they learned how to drive by taking formal driving lessons while only 16 percent of teens surveyed learned how to drive with formal driving lessons.

Parents are asked to lead by example and avoid allowing distractions to take their focus away from the road ahead. Teens should also keep in mind that texting or calling someone while behind the wheel could be deadly. Prevent accidents by staying alert and focused on the road ahead.

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