Pedestrian Accident

March 9, 2016

How Pedestrians Can Avoid Crashes

Much like cyclists, pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable individuals while in the road. But unlike cyclists, pedestrians have an advantage: they are often only […]
December 2, 2015

Pedestrians & Drivers: Don’t Ignore These Safety Tips

When it comes to car and pedestrian safety, many of us forget that those who are the most vulnerable are also responsible for their safety. Surely, […]
November 8, 2012

Worker Fatally Wounded In Madera County Accident

According to a recent article, a worker who was digging a cable line in Madera County was fatally injured as a result of an accident that […]
November 5, 2012

Pedestrian Killed In Accident Involving Patrol Vehicle

An accident that happened in Bloomington resulted in the death of a pedestrian, reports show. According to the news, a sheriff’s deputy in a patrol vehicle […]