Several Still Missing Due To California Mudslides

mudslide accident california

After the wildfires ravaged through Southern California in late 2017, muddy rainwater made an appearance in early 2018, killing at least 17 people and injuring several others.

Many who lived in Santa Barbara County were the victims of the mudslide had evacuated because of the fires, only to be told to leave again once the rain hit the state.With the raging floods taking over, many Californians who were unable to leave or who simply chose not to ended up seeing everything they owned being taken over by the rain.

The rain and mudslide that followed were so powerful that on Tuesday, roads were closed and thousands of people lost access to electricity as a result. In Montecito, at least 17 people died while eight others were unaccounted form prompting a major effort to find the missing persons.

As officials in Santa Barbara County scrambled to look for the missing individuals, they told reporters that they were still in shock after learning that so many members of the community were killed.

In Montecito, at least 100 homes were destroyed due to the flash flooding that hit the area. About 7,000 were forced to evacuate and at least 6,000 homes and businesses did not have power. In some areas, people lost access to water and sewer service.

To drivers who were not necessarily located in problematic areas, driving became a nightmare also thanks to the mudslides.

Highway 101, the main route for many who want to go north or south in California, was covered by mud and debris in several stretches. On many roads, people were able to see large boulders fall onto the streets.

As many law enforcement agents are still looking for the missing individuals who were directly impacted by the mudslides, we hope that victims are receiving the support they require in this time of pain and suffering.

We also urge drivers to beware of driving risks associated with weather changes.

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