Self-Driving Cars: Easy to Hack?

Google carTechnology has been helping drivers across the globe.

As auto companies and tech giants compete to see who’s the first to develop features that make vehicles intelligent and accident-proof, others attempt to find flaws with systems known as autonomous car or self-driving technologies. And it’s because so many experts are flocking to the field to help find the technology’s flaws that consumers will have better, safer vehicles in the future.

According to a recent report, a study into how easily hackers can crack the system of a self-driving car has just been published. The report shows that currently, self-driving systems are full of security flaws. Until companies behind the self-driving technologies are able to address these flaws, any hacker will be able to crack the system and have access to your autonomous vehicle.

According to researchers, the addition of extra computers, sensors, and improved Internet connectivity gives hackers access due to the increase in the number of weak sports. In order to help companies like Google find these weak spots in order to give them ideas on how to seal the self-driving vehicles from hackers, these researchers spend time hacking into autonomous car systems.

Once inside the systems, hackers are able to take control of the vehicle’s brakes, engine, and a series of other components that are crucial in the proper functioning of the vehicle. If that occurs and the vehicle is being used, major accidents or other issues may occur. All because hackers had access to the vehicle’s system.

So far, developers like Google haven’t been successful in attempting to isolate important components in order to keep them from being targeted by hackers. In order to make self-driving cars safe, these components should be shielded. But due to the importance of connectivity in self-driving systems, this may be a hard-to-achieve goal.
Until companies like Google, Tesla, Nissan, and many others that have been working on their own self-driving cars are able to isolate important parts of the system in order to make sure that occupants are not injured, it’ll be hard for many tech savvy consumers to trust carmakers enough to get on the autonomous car bandwagon.

If you’re curious to know more about the potential weaknesses of the system, follow this link for more information.

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