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Santa Clara Bus Accident Lawyer

Everyday, people save on gas and help out the environment by boarding a bus to get to and from work. Cities across the country have created incentive programs that encourage such ride sharing. The ease of traffic and lessened pollution brought about by such vehicles makes them ideal conveyances, but accidents can happen. And because buses carry dozens of people at any given time, the persons injured in a bus accident can suddenly find themselves with expenses that far exceed what the money that a bus can save.

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If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, you need the services of a legal team that understands the complications associated with such cases. The Santa Clara bus accident lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group can ensure that you’re being treated fairly and that you don’t experience a painful financial burden. You didn’t purposely enter into this mess, and you certainly didn’t cause it, so we want to make sure that you’re not stuck with the bill for the damage that’s been done.

We have spent the past 30-plus years gaining compensation for those who have been victimized by negligence. In that time period, we’ve gained more than $400 million for our clients by utilizing expert legal tactics, the same tactics that have allowed us to achieve an astounding 98.4% success rate.

Let us put the knowledge we’ve accumulated over decades to work for your claim. With Nagelberg Bernard by your side, you set yourself up to receive compensation for such things as:

  • Lost income due to having to miss work
  • Physical pain and emotional trauma
  • Medical treatments and their subsequent bills
  • Any other costs accumulated following the accident

How do we do this? It starts by analyzing the accident with an eye toward proving negligence. We will compile evidence that others may have missed, including evaluating the availability of certain safety features whose presence might have prevented the accident in the first place. With the facts in hand, we can negotiate with the insurance company and keep you informed of our progress while you heal from your wounds. Plus, we will even set you up with qualified medical staff who are more than capable of tending to your injuries.

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Don’t wait another second to gain what’s rightfully yours. Dial the number on your screen or fill out the form on this page to get started. A member of our expert legal staff is standing by to provide you with a free consultation.

The fallout of a bus accident shouldn’t degrade your life, and it doesn’t have to. Contact the Santa Clara bus accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard today.

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