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Did you know that an estimated 850,000 people per year in America have to receive treatments for dog bites in an emergency room? Most people think that their dog bite injury is uncommon, but this statistic shows that serious bites are happening on a daily basis to people just like you. Because there are so many incidents, there’s an entire practice area dedicated to people who have been injured thusly, as such cases require detailed knowledge that not just any lawyer can provide.

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The San Ramon dog bite attorneys of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group can ensure that you’re being fairly treated in the wake of a dog bite accident. We understand that even minor dog bites can be traumatizing experiences, and we can help you gain the compensation you require for your injuries.

The state of California has detailed laws in place that lay out the precautions pet owners must take to ensure their dogs don’t endanger public safety. When these laws are broken, then the dog owner is negligent and needs to be held accountable for what he or she has done. Situations in which negligence can be established include:

  • The pet escaping an improperly secured property
  • The owner not taking steps to ensure that previous instances of violent or aggressive behavior were curbed
  • The dog being off of its leash
  • The bite taking place on the property of the pet owner

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Many people fail to file a claim because they don’t realize they’re entitled to do so and they don’t understand the full financial cost of a dog bite. The truth is, though, the bite can do far more financial harm than just the cost of some gauze to patch an injury up. Serious wounds can get infected, creating more debt for the patient as medical bills pile up, and certain injuries and treatments can even require the victim to miss work. That’s not to mention the extensive emotional trauma that can be inflicted.

You deserve compensation for all of these things, and sometimes more, and we can help get that for you. We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that a dog bite doesn’t become detrimental to your livelihood.

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