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The devastation that results from losing a loved one knows no bounds.  The void that such a loss can leave in a previously happy life might seem like it can never be filled.  When the death of your loved one is caused by an accident, then the pain can be absolutely unbearable.  But although it’s impossible to restore the life of a person who has been taken away from you, you can make sure that the loss of that individual wasn’t without meaning.

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The San Rafael wrongful death attorneys of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group can help to ensure both that the loss of your loved one doesn’t go unpunished and that your family isn’t dealt a staggering financial blow as well.  Coping with the loss of someone you hold dear is difficult enough, so you shouldn’t have to face down a crippling financial catastrophe as well.  No amount of financial restitution can bring back your loved one, but it can ensure that your family has fiscal security in an otherwise difficult time.

For more than 30 years, we have helped immediate family members of those who have died because of negligence gain compensation from those who caused an accident in the first place.  In that three decade period of time, we’ve accumulated an astronomical 98.4% success rate and gained more than $400 million for accident victims and their estates.  This compensation in cases of wrongful death usually consists of:

  • Funeral costs
  • Medical bills of the deceased
  • Emotional pain that the accident has caused
  • Reimbursement for lost income due to a family member no longer being able to provide
  • Any other expenses incurred as a result of your loss

Whether your loved one was taken away by a defective product that posed a hazard, a vehicular accident that could have been prevented, a disaster at a work place, or anything else, you deserve compensation from the negligent party.

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You have enough on your hands coping with your grief and putting back together the pieces of your life with your family to have to worry about dealing with the legal hurdles your claim might present.  Let us negotiate with an insurance company and present your case so that you can worry about putting the pieces of your life back together.

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We want to help you get through this difficult time and come out the other end financially secure.  Contact the San Rafael wrongful death attorneys of Nagelberg Bernard today.

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