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Anyone who rides a bus to and form work should be commended for helping to save the environment and for easing the burden that gas prices have on the public at large. Public transportation is a vital step toward making the entire country more eco-friendly, and numerous green ride-sharing programs have been implemented across the nation, but it’s important to note that buses can be just as prone to accidents as other vehicles. And because of the lack of safety features that are common in automobiles, the bus riders onboard face potentially catastrophic injuries.

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Victims of bus injuries need specialized representation that an average lawyer isn’t able to provide. Thankfully, injured parties can turn to the San Jose bus accident lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group. For more than 30 years, our firm has helped the victims of a multitude of accidents gain compensation for their injuries. In that time period, we’ve amassed a stunning 98.4% success rate and more than $400 million in compensation.

Bus accident claims require a skilled hand in order to navigate the tricky path to restitution. Because these accidents can involve multiple parties and numerous facets that need to be examined, only the most skilled of law firms are able to handle such cases.  Thankfully, we can give you the assistance you need. We’re able to provide such functions as:

  • Analyzing the accident from all angles to determine the parties involved and their level of liability
  • Compiling evidence to present in a factual, truthful way that sheds light on the factors surrounding the crash
  • Thoroughly researching the availability of various safety features, the presence of which could have staved off disaster
  • Establishing a claim amount based off of insurance coverage policy limits, medical bills, lost income as a result of your being forced to miss work, emotional trauma, and other costs you may have incurred
  • Negotiating with insurance companies while you focus on healing from injuries

All of these services come on a contingency fee basis, meaning that our rate is worked out based off of a certain percentage of the compensation we eventually gain for you. This system ensures our loyalty to you, as well as guaranteeing that you’re not going to be saddled with yet another costly fee.

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Don’t wait another second to get started on our free consultation service. Our lines are open around the clock, and a member of our highly qualified legal staff is standing by to assist you. Simply dial our number or fill out the form on this page.

Let us share the burden that’s been imposed upon you by this accident. Contact the San Jose bus accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard today.

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