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San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer

San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer

Traveling to and from work on a bus is one of the safest and most eco-friendly ways to commute. But that’s not to say that such modes of transportation aren’t without their dangers. Bus crashes happen across the country on a semi-regular basis, and the damage that these incidents cause can radiate outward to affect countless lives. In addition to those persons onboard the bus, crashes can imperil numerous other persons in the vicinity of the vehicle as well as negatively impact those families who lose loved ones.

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Because of the unique nature of most bus crashes, and the seeming innumerable damage that can be caused, accident victims need the specialized services of a law firm that understands the areas of the law that govern these accidents. The San Francisco bus accident lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group have the legal acumen to represent victims in this challenging practice area. For over 30 years, our firm has diligently strived to gain victims compensation from those whose negligence caused an accident, and we’ve had astonishing success: over $400 million has been awarded to our clients amid a 98.4% success rate.

The first question that many people have when seeking representation is how much financial restitution they are actually entitled to. This figure will necessarily vary depending on the specific nature of your case, but most victimized persons are eligible to receive compensation for:

  • Emotional trauma and lasting physical pain
  • Medical treatments and subsequent bills
  • Lost income due to an inability to work
  • Any other out of pocket expenses forced upon you

To ensure that you have the best shot at getting compensated for all of these things, you need the help of an experienced legal staff. Too many people opt to go it alone, or simply comply with the demands set by an insurance company. As a result, they fail to get all that they’re entitled to and have to live the rest of their lives with debt hanging over them.

Don’t let this happen to you. Enlist the services of our team so that you can move past this terrible time. We will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf so that you can spend your days focusing on healing from your wounds.

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Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to get started on a free consultation. Our lines are always open, so if you have a question at any time of day, pick up the phone and call. Within moment, a member of our expert legal staff can be guiding you through what to expect on your claim.

Don’t make the mistakes that so many others make. Instead, contact the San Francisco bus accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard and set yourself up for success.

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