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San Diego Train Accident Lawyer

Planes, trains, and automobiles. The first category seems pretty rare, the latter category is all too prevalent on our congested highways, but it’s that middle category that falls somewhere in between. Although we only tend to hear about train accidents when it involves a massive pileup that costs many people their lives, this doesn’t begin to encompass the totality of train accidents in our country, many of which could be described as causing minor damage. If you’ve been injured in a train accident of any type, you need someone who has crucial experience in this practice area.

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Many people think train accident litigation is a skill set that’s not going to come in handy all too often, but we can tell you firsthand this isn’t the case. The San Diego train accident lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group fully comprehend the areas of the law that govern such accidents, and we can use our considerable experience to get you compensation for your injuries. You could be entitled to such things as:

  • Healthcare reimbursement
  • Payments for lost income as a result of being unable to work
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma
  • Other incidental losses you’ve incurred over time

Without an experienced train accident lawyer on your side, it becomes next to impossible to get the restitution you deserve. Insurance companies rely on the relative litigation inexperience of train accident victims. Such inexperience allows these greedy corporations to offer low settlement amounts that don’t even begin to approach the debt you might face in the wake of an accident.

But if you let us negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, the benefit to you is twofold. First, we’re the ones dealing directly with such companies, enabling you to focus on healing from your injuries while we keep you up to date on what’s happening. And second, you utilize our 30 years of experience that has resulted in over $400 million for our clients and a 98.4% success rate.

Our team is going to represent your interests in the best way possible, analyzing every aspect of the case with a keen eye toward exposing crucial evidence that may have been overlooked and then presenting what we find in the most concise, skillful way possible. And if need be, we’ll hire experts such as accident reconstruction specialists and investigators to provide testimony on your behalf.

San Diego Injury Help Line: 619-309-4620

If you’re ready to get started, then we’re ready to assist you. Simply fill out the form on this page or call the number on your screen to speak with a member of our expert legal staff. Within moments, you can be the latest valued client to take advantage of our free consultation service.

Train accident victims are often underserved, but they don’t have to be. Contact the San Diego train accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard today.

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