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San Diego Dog Bite Attorney

Many people don’t realize what a dog bite can do to the injured party. An injury that seems minor might bring with it a host of complications. If a bite isn’t properly treated by a qualified physician right away, for instance, then infection could set in and pose a threat to the victim’s life. And more obvious and severe complications can occur if the dog’s size was great or the animal was particularly vicious in its attack.

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The San Diego dog bite attorneys of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group understand what you’re going through, and we can help. Many people mistakenly opt to take care of a dog bite incident without ever talking to a qualified lawyer. By coming to this page, you’re already ensuring that you don’t make that simple mistake.

If you’ve found yourself victimized by a dog bite, then you’re not alone. 850,000 people are estimated to receive treatments for bites in an emergency room each year in our country. Yet enlisting the services of a legal representative is something that only a small minority of victims in this accident area do. Why is that?

Sometimes it’s because people think it will be too much of a hassle. To that, we ask what’s more of a hassle: letting us negotiate with the negligent party and insurance companies on your behalf while you heal? Or trying to do so on your own while also trying to pay off the numerous expenses that a dog bite can present? The answer should be obvious.

San Diego Injury Help Line: 619-309-4620

The other reason people don’t choose to hire a lawyer is they don’t think that they have a case. From experience, we can steadfastly say that you can make a claim if:

  • The animal was off its leash
  • The owner did not take pains to keep the dog contained within his or her premises
  • The dog has a history of aggressive behavior
  • The bite occurred on the owner’s property

To have a chance at obtaining compensation for your medical bills, lost income due to your missing work, pain and emotional trauma, and other damage, you need the assistance of someone who understands the legal hurdles you face. And don’t be worried about price: we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we calculate our rate based off of the amount of compensation you gain. This ensures we have a stake in pursuing your claim to the best of our abilities.

Give us a call to get started on a free consultation with a member of our highly skilled legal staff. Our lines are open around the clock, or you can fill out the form above and we’ll get back to you at once.

We won’t accept that the negligence that caused your injuries should go unpunished, and neither should you. Contact the San Diego dog bite attorneys of Nagelberg Bernard as soon as possible.

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