San Bruno Train Accident Lawyer

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San Bruno Train Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a train accident is one of those things that most people probably think they will never have to deal with. Although most people would agree that the chances of being in an auto accident are fairly substantial over the course of time, and a lot of people have a fear of flying on an airplane for fear of a crash, this fear doesn’t usually tend to carry over into train accidents. But the sad truth is that train accidents occur far more often than many people probably think.

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That’s why, if you’ve been involved in a train crash, you need the assistance of a law firm that understands the challenges associated with such an incident. The San Bruno train accident lawyers of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group are uniquely equipped to handle the complexities of your claim. Whether you were involved in a rare derailment in which train cars were strewn across a distance of many miles, or you were in the middle of a far more common collision that caused minor injuries, you deserve compensation from those whose negligence caused your predicament.

We have spent the past 30 years-plus negotiating with insurance companies to get accident victims compensation for their injuries. That compensation will typically consist of such things as:

  • Medical bills resulting from healthcare treatment for your injuries
  • Lost income as a result of being forced to miss work
  • Emotional pain and physical trauma
  • Any other incidental costs you’ve been forced to accumulate

The amount that you could be entitled to varies depending on the nature of your particular claim. We’ve gained more than $400 million amid a 98.4% success rate for our clients, and every single case was unique.

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To better understand what you could be entitled to, give us a call to receive a free consultation with a member of our expert legal staff. You can get your questions answered and begin the road to a better life. Simply dial the number on your screen or fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you.

Our services come on a contingency fee basis, which means that our rate is calculated based off of the amount of eventual compensation that we get you. This means that our services, from analysis of the accident to compilation of evidence to negotiation with the insurance company on your behalf, are all yours without you having to worry about the exorbitant hourly fee that many other law firms would charge.

Utilize the services of a firm that can get results. Contact the San Bruno train accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard today.

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