Runner Severely Injured After Berkeley Hills Hit-And-Run Accident

runner accident

Victims of car accidents may include anyone who occupies a vehicle. But sometimes, victims include bicycle or motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and even runners.

A runner has been critically injured in an accident in Berkeley hills on Wednesday, the California Highway Patrol has announced. The man had been running at about 6:30 p.m. on westbound Wildcat Canyon Road near Inspiration Point when a motorcycle rider struck him while trying to cross the solid double yellow lines. The 39-year-old runner was promptly taken to the hospital but the rider responsible for this tragic accident failed to stop to aid the man, fleeing the scene of the collision.

The runner sustained life-threatening injuries.

Authorities are asking anyone with any information regarding the motorcycle rider to contact them immediately.

We’re saddened to have learned that someone has been injured in such manner and that the person responsible simply left the scene of the accident. This is troubling because we know just how painful injuries related to such hit-and-run accidents can be. Especially when the victims are pedestrians, who are not protected by the shell of a vehicle.

Our thoughts go out to the victim and we hope he is currently receiving all the support and attention he requires to recover fully and promptly.

We hope others learn from this tragic accident and that they understand that pedestrians are vulnerable. Driving irresponsibly, speeding, or breaking road rules may lead to these types of accidents and, unfortunately, they may put lives in jeopardy.

Due to our line of work, we see many of these cases and know just how overwhelming it is for the victim and the family to deal with the consequences of such an accident. In many cases, due to the injuries, victims end up losing wages and may even lose their jobs. Without a steady source of income, they may become incapable of paying their medical bills. Victims of negligent drivers, riders, or other third parties should not face this fate on their own.

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