Riders Injured More Often After Michigan Repeals Helmet Law

motorcycle safetyThe state of Michigan decided to repeal its motorcycle helmet law in 2012. But since then, many health and safety advocates have been urging the legislature to change the laws again.

Studies suggest that after the state of Michigan stopped requiring motorcyclists to wear a helmet at all time while riding a motorcycle, the number of injuries associated with motorcycle crashes increased.

With the rates of serious injuries increasing, safety advocates believe that something must be done to make sure that motorcyclists are not being exposed to unnecessary risks.

At the time the state legislature made the change, local doctors noticed that the number of patients injured in motorcycle crashes had increased one week after the law went into effect. Dr. Carlos Rodriguez is one of these doctors. In order to take a better look at how the law shift affected locals, the doctor and his group carried out a study. According to his findings, the percentage of riders ditching the helmet who were involved in crashes went from 8 percent before the helmet requirement was repealed to 29 percent after the new law took effect.

The study also shows that 73 percent of riders in Michigan have decided to continue wearing their helmets.

While the law post-2012 repeal requires motorcyclists who choose to not wear a helmet carry an additional $20,000 in medical insurance, the study suggests that rates of hospital mortality among riders who ride without a helmet increased considerably after the repeal.

While the risk of injury associated with motorcycle crashes is higher than the risk of injury tied to passenger car accidents, riders must keep in mind that even if the laws in their state do not require them to wear a helmet, the device is designed to keep them from experiencing head trauma.

Many of the injuries riders suffer lead to deaths, especially when the rider is exposed to a head injury.

If you’re a rider and you’re serious about staying safe, keep your helmet on even if you’re not required to by law. Also, make sure to follow other safety steps in order to avoid accidents.

For more on the study mentioned in this article, follow this link.

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