Recent Drug Recall Calls For Tougher Regulation

Several news agencies have indicated that after a series of recalls linked to drugs produced by compounding pharmacies, certain lawmakers are looking into proposing bills that could toughen regulations of compounding pharmacies in order to require local companies to follow nationally recognized regulations.

Recently, a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey decided to issue a recall warning concerning several of its products over a potential contamination. In spite of the fact that Med Prep Consulting of Tinton Falls halted its operations and recalled products that were not initially known to have been contaminated, some believe that the fact visible particulate were found in some of the solutions produced by the compounding pharmacy should be enough to push for tougher laws concerning the production and handling of specialized medication such as intravenous products produced by compounding facilities.

Compounding drugs are usually produced in order to meet the needs of particular individuals or groups of patients. Drugs that are handled in compounding pharmacies are usually taken from its solid form and turned into liquid. Pharmacies that are involved in the mass-production of intravenous products are now more common than ever.

Contamination linked to products distributed and produced by compounding pharmacies has been in the public eye since reports on a major outbreak of rare fungal meningitis was linked to contaminated steroid injections. The outbreak was first reported in September, and according to the news, the contamination was responsible for 722 infections and at least 50 fatalities.

According to one senator, compounding pharmacies should be required to comply with national regulations, which are already applied to drug companies but not compounding pharmacies. Bills that would make sure federal drug regulations were to be applied to compounding pharmacies were never passed by Congress, which has frustrated several health and safety advocates.

After the major meningitis outbreak linked to the contaminated steroid injections claimed 50 lives, lawmakers voiced their strong opinions concerning New England Compounding Center and how negligent the company was by failing to prevent the contamination by maintaining basic standard procedures. At this moment, federal and state investigators are looking into this recent contamination and the recall issued by Med Prep Consulting. The company agreed to stop operating until all investigations are completed.

If you would like to learn more about how lawmakers are working to make sure compounding pharmacies follow strict laws and more about this recent recall and how it may affect you or a loved one, follow this link to read the full report.

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