Ready for Summer? Cyclists & Pedestrians Must Avoid Accidents

bicycle safetySummer is around the corner but the warmer weather is already here. When it’s sunny out, more people begin taking their love for biking or taking long walks much more serious than they often do during the colder months. But with more pedestrians and cyclists out, the risks associated with pedestrian and cyclist accidents may increase.

That’s why pedestrians and cyclists should pay attention to the potential risks by making sure that they are following important safety tips to avoid crashes.

First and foremost, cyclists should always keep in mind that drivers often find it hard to spot them in the road. While distraction has a lot to do with this problem, drivers often miss cyclists because it’s too dark outside.

Riders who are serious about their safety should always have reflective clothing and helmets on, even during the daytime.

If the road you’re on has labeled bike lanes, make use of them at all times. Also, do not ignore potential risks associated with lane changes. Before changing lanes, make sure the driver following behind has seen you. Assuming you have the right away puts you in a very dangerous position.

For pedestrians, the most important tip they should never ignore, whether it’s hot or cold out, is to always use crosswalks and intersections to cross.

Drivers expect to see pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks, making them more likely to either slow down or even stop completely before crossing or turning. Before setting foot on the road, however, pedestrians should keep in mind that making eye contact with drivers is important. It’s much safer to cross if they have seen you.

Whether you’re a cyclist or a pedestrian, keep in mind that being seen and making sure you’re taking defensive steps to avoid crashes should be your priority.

If you have kids that take part in your adventure, make sure they too know how important it is to stay alert and do not let them get out of the house with you without protective gear. Unfortunately, a great number of auto crashes involving bicycles result in serious head trauma and even death because riders are still not aware of the importance of having a helmet on. So as soon as it begins to warm up, get geared up, remember these safety tips, and have fun!

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