Rate of Holiday Accidents Down from Last Year, CHP Says

car techToo often, auto accidents happen because drivers are simply too distracted. But other factors are also associated with a great deal of crashes reported yearly in California such as intoxication. When it comes to accident rates during the holiday season, other factors are also very common such as drowsy driving.

While many safety experts urge drivers across the golden state yearly to remember that safety should be a priority during the holidays, many drivers ignore these recommendations. As a result, drivers experience accidents that often lead to injuries and deaths.

Since many of us drive with our relatives and friends in the holiday season, focusing on safety should be a priority. As the country prepares to enjoy the end of the year holiday season, reports coming from the California Highway Patrol may give safety advocates in the state some reason to rejoice.
According to the authorities, the number of DUI arrests and auto accidents during the Thanksgiving weekend dropped nearly 50 percent this year when compared to last year’s.

That’s exactly what you heard: nearly 50 percent.

The report shows that only 18 people were arrested over the Thanksgiving weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol this year while 32 were arrested in 2014. During the same period this year, officers responded to 16 collisions while 24 collisions were registered in 2014.
Fatalities were not linked to this year’s accidents. No injuries were reported either.

The California Highway Patrol increased patrols from 6 pm on Wednesday through 11:50 pm on Sunday to make sure that roads were safe during the holiday.

While this piece of data does not give us any idea of how safe roads will be on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s important to show that raising awareness is never a lost cause.

If you’re a driver in California and you’ll be doing some heavy driving during the holiday season, stay put and focused. Do not let distraction, intoxication or drowsy driving put you in danger.

If you would like to know more the CHP and its review of accident data, follow this link to read the entire article.

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