Q-Series Temperature And Humidity Sensors Recalled

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Q-Series Temperature and Humidity Sensors are being recalled over a possible overheating issue.

Since these devices may overheat and pose a fire hazard, Siemens issued this recall along the federal agency. The official recall announcement indicated that the sensors listed under this report may overheat while in use, posing a fire risk to consumers. According to the federal agency, at least four incidents involving these products were reported. In all four incidents, the humidity sensors overheated causing fires. Two fires occurred in schools while two other fires occurred in hospitals. Injuries associated with the incidents in the schools and hospitals were not reported, however, property damage was reported.

The company has stated that all affected sensors can be identified by the model numbers SB1-0834, QAA 2060, QAA 2072, QAA 2073, QFA 2000, QFA 2001, QFA 2060, QFA 2071, QFA2072, QFA 3000, QAA 2063, QFA 3001, QFA 3060 and QFA 3071.

Brands affected include Siemens, Staefa Control System and Talon.

Hopefully, this particular recall campaign is successful and no other fires associated with these sensors are reported. Fires in schools or hospitals could result in injuries and because of that, the company issued this recall promptly.

To learn more about this recall, click here for the full article.

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