How much is a truck accident typically worth?


There are a few big differences between a regular car accident and one involving a commercial truck. In a typical accident you would deal with an others (or your) auto insurance company. But, with a semi-truck accident claim, you are dealing with several more people and companies. Most trucking companies will have lawyers and insurance adjusters ready to fight their case and have a quick settlement. The only goal of these lawyers and insurance companies is to pay as little as possible to you no matter what. This is why it is important to have a truck accident attorney in your corner as soon as possible after a trucking accident.

Semi-trucks, big rigs, garbage trucks, and most commercial vehicles usually have good insurance policies. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) makes businesses that deal with transportation to have insurance policies because of the frequency of accidents. Commercial insurance policies are usually a minimum of $1 million in coverage because of the cost of equipment and the chances of serious accidents when dealing with a trucking accident. With this amount of coverage, in most cases, there is more than enough to cover damages for victims. The coverage is used to pay expesnses incurring from the accident including medical bills, rehabilitation fees and loss of wages. However, trucking companies will put up a tough fight before they pay out no matter what the case is.

Each truck accident is different so figuring out the worth of a case has to wait until enough data is gathered. It’s the job of the insurance companies to try and reach a quick settlement, and their offer may not truly cover all damages and most times is not even fair to the victim. This is why you really need a good truck accident lawyer.

Many serious truck accident injuries incur very high medical bills and really add up over time. An experienced and aggressive truck accident attorney like the ones at the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group will help you gather all the information needed including rehabilitation fees you may face in the future. Insurance companies often completely overlook the strain injuries place on an individual’s personal life. And, the same thing goes for long term injuries.

Once a person begins to see medical bills arrive, it’s a common reaction for a victim to want the quickest settlement available. This is a horrible idea. If you receive compensation and sign a release, you can never again seek additional compensation. Instead, contact a truck accident attorney right away so they can help you take the right steps. A personal injury lawyer will make sure you get your current medical bills handled as well as your future medical bills.

We do have one warning; a common myth is that a person will receive about three times the amount the cost of their medical bills. This is simply not true. There are too many factors to take into account to make this assumption for a truck accident case.

Personal injury claims can be a difficult and complicated process. The personal injury lawyers at The Nagelberg Bernard Law Group will help place you on the road to recovery. Call us today.

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