Pedestrian Killed In Accident After Car Failed To Yield

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A Berkeley pedestrian who was killed in an accident early this month was a victim because the driver involved had failed to yield, reports now indicate.

As you and I both know, California’s major cities and urban centers have become dangerous locations for pedestrians. All too often, drivers are too distracted to drive safely, but in other occasions, they are simply too oblivious to avoid accidents.

This particular accident is an example of how failing to follow traffic rules may lead to serious and even deadly consequences.

Car Driver Involved In Pedestrian Accident Was City Employee

According to the California Highway Patrol, the Berkeley city’s employee was driving a sedan and approaching the crosswalk at Fulton Street and Channing Way as the 70-year-old pedestrian crossed it. Instead of following the rules and yielding to the pedestrian, the driver carried on.

After the accident, the driver reportedly cooperated with the police.

At the time of the collision, witnesses say that the vehicle was going at about 15 mph.

Whether the driver in particular was distracted or oblivious of the rules doesn’t really matter. What is concerning is that people are dying due completely preventable accidents.

If you’re a driver, you must remember that pedestrians are vulnerable. After all, they are not being protected by a car or truck carcass. That means that keeping an eye out for pedestrians crossing the road is essential. When approaching an intersection or crossroad, slow down and stop if you see anyone approaching. Better safe than sorry.

Pedestrians must also do their part to avoid accidents by never crossing the road without looking both ways first. Also, never try to cross the street while wearing headphones or listening to loud music. Sometimes, pedestrians rely on the sounds of cars approaching to avoid accidents, failing to listen may lead to an accident.

If you are trying to cross a street and a car is coming, do not assume the driver will stop if he or she hasn’t seen you. Unless you have made eye contact with the driver, chances are he or she hasn’t seen you.

For more on this tragic accident, follow this link.

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