Oxnard Train Accident Sends Dozens to Hospital


According to a recent report, a terrible accident that took place early today has resulted in at least four serious injuries. Other twenty-eight people also sustained minor to moderate injuries.

The reports published by several media outlets nationwide have claimed that the accident involved a Metrolink train and a fiery farm truck. The driver reLanding Craft Air Cushioned boats aid in  transporting the Los Angeles Fire Department to  Catalina Islandsponsible for leaving the truck so close to the tracks allegedly fled the scene prior to the accident. Authorities found the man a couple of miles away from the crash scene and he was taken into custody.

The accident that took place in Oxnard happened when the train engineer attempted to stop the train while it was traveling just under 80 miles per hour. The engineer spotted the fiery truck ahead and immediately proceeded to stop the train. As a result, four cars derailed. Three out of the four cars were fitted with engineered devices that are meant to absorb the impact and ensure passengers are not exposed to any major risks.

Some believe that the technology saved many people. Despite the innovation, 28 people ended up sustaining injuries, including the train engineer.

Metrolink Train Accident Still Under Investigation

Soon after the accident took place, several emergency responders were called to the scene. Some of the injuries many of the involved passengers sustained included serious head trauma, back and neck injuries and even broken limbs.

Fire officials were promptly called and some passengers were treated at the scene. The fiery vehicle’s model involved in the accident was never identified publicly. According to some of the news sources covering this story, the National Transportation Safety Board is now gathering information, witnesses’ testimonials, and further evidence to investigate the accident.

While this accident is a terrible example of what negligence and a lack of active use of safety technologies, this is not the first time Southern California experiences a tragedy involving a Metrolink train.

Back in 2008, an accident involving a Union Pacific freight train and a Metrolink commuter train resulted in the death of 25 innocent people. Several others were also injured as a result. The 2008 accident happened when the Metrolink engineer allowed the train to carry on through a light that hadn’t warned him the train should stop. The train carried on and crashed into the freight train while it was being moved onto a siding.

In spite of the many innovations Metrolink has incorporated, trains are still being involved in serious accidents.

The full report on this accident can be found here.

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