Own an Advanced Sports Bicycle? It May Be Defective

bicycle recall, We often focus on auto recalls, because most of them involve popular vehicles throughout the United States, and more importantly, California. But every now and then, we hear about another product recall that we believe could expose consumers in the Golden State just as directly.

That’s why we often search for important recall reports coming from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to the federal regulator, a series of bicycles are being recalled because the seat posts may crack.

In this particular case, impacted bicycles include the Advanced Sports International’s 2017 model year Breezer and Fuji bicycles that come with seatposts that are either silver or black.

These bicycles were sold nationwide between June and July of 2016. Since the issue was uncovered promptly, the recall was launched to prevent potential issues.

Consumers with the recalled bicycles are being urged to stop riding the items since the seatpost may crack unexpectedly. Take your bicycle to a local Breezer or Fuji Bicycles Dealer immediately. You may also contact Advanced Sports, the importer and distributer, to ask for a free replacement top seat clamp.

Whenever you learn about a recall campaign that impacts you or a loved one, make sure to have the device that you use regularly that could expose you to risks replaced or repaired immediately. All too often, these items expose you to risks long after recall campaigns are launched. Do not allow that to be your reality by making sure that the product that has been recalled has been repaired.

Stay on top of other similar recalls by following the US Consumer Product Safety Commission feed and making sure that the products in your possession are safe.

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