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Every year, an estimated 850,000 people receive treatment for injuries sustained because of a dog bite. And perhaps even sadder than that, 60% of those injuries are inflicted upon children

With these kinds of statistics, you might be shocked to learn that only a select few victims of these types of accidents actually seek legal representation so that they can receive compensation for their financial strain

Don’t let that be you. If you’ve suffered an injury because a dog attacked you, then consult a qualified legal team that can help you gain restitution for the expenses such an injury has caused. The Orange County dog bite attorneys of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group have your back. We’ve spent the past 30 years representing people who have been imperiled by the negligence of other parties, including pet owners, and we can put our considerable talents to work for you.

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In many cases, the injury is the result of a bite from an animal that’s owned by a close friend or an acquaintance. Many people worry about the strain on a relationship that filing a claim might cause, but the truth is, you might not be prepared for the surprisingly large amount of debt that a dog bite could cause. Thus, you shouldn’t be expected to foot the bill.

In addition to getting your injury patched up, have you stopped to consider that you might be eligible to receive recompense for:


  • Lost income due to an inability to perform proper job functions
  • Pain and emotional suffering
  • Any other incidental expenses you’ve accumulated as a result of the bite

Or perhaps you’re not even positive that you have a case. We can tell you from personal experience that if you’ve navigated to this page, you probably do.

Dog bite victims might be entitled to compensation if:


  • The animal was not properly secured on the owner’s property
  • The incident happened while on the property of the owner
  • The canine was not attached to its leash
  • The dog has a history of violent behavior

California has regulations which state that pet owners must take pains to ensure the safety of those persons who may come into contact with their animal

If someone disregards these rules, there needs to be consequences

If you’ve been injured by a dog bite, but you’re not sure if you have a case, then give us a call. A member of our highly qualified legal staff is standing by to provide you with a free consultation. Or if you prefer, fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

In your time of need, go with a firm that’s accumulated a 98.4% success rate and $400 million for our clients; call the Orange County dog bite attorneys of Nagelberg Bernard today

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