Olympic Skier Injured in Dog Bite Incident

dog biteToo often, dog bite incidents happen when we least expect them. In many cases, these incidents happen at home, with our own pets or a loved one’s pets. That’s why we should never ignore the risks associated with dogs that aren’t properly trained.

The latest infamous incident involving a pet and its owner impacted the Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, who took it to Instagram to show the world just how nasty the dog incident had been.

According to the 31-year-old athlete, the bite led to a hospitalization on November 7th. The video the athlete posted on her Instagram account shows the nasty bite on her right hand. The injury looks bad, but she did not seem too overwhelmed.

The incident occurred when Vonn attempted to break up a fight between her dogs. Apparently, her pets were fighting over a frisbee. Because she attempted to break up the fight, dogs injured her hand.

The injuries required stitches.

If this incident proves anything is that knowing your pets is not enough. Knowing how to correctly deal with pets that are not trained to follow command and avoid such brawls could have helped the athlete, but accidents happen too. Even if the dogs were trained, this could have happened to anyone.

Pet owners or those whose loved ones have pets should always be alert. Watching the dogs’ behavior and how they react to you or others could give you a good idea of how you should proceed to avoid major incidents.

This holiday season, especially, be alert to your pets whenever they are near others, particularly children. Too often, dog bite incidents happen in a familiar setting, with familiar faces and smells, yet dogs become stressed and agitated. Combining that with small children or the elderly could lead to serious incidents that should be avoided at all costs. Stay safe.

For tips on how to spot attack signs, watch the video below:

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