Oklahoma School District Cancels Classes Over Flu Outbreak

According to recent news articles, a recent flu outbreak has forced the Oklahoma School district to send kids home and cancel classes.

Reports show that the Kiefer public school district is struggling to deal with the outbreak since 25 percent of all students in the region fell ill with the flu.

The school district decided to cancel classes to give children the weekend to rest. About 150 students out of 650 are ill and according to the local news agencies, eight people have died after falling ill with the flu since September 30. Hospitals across the country have been incapable to keep up with the demand and are quickly running low on flu vaccines. Up to this moment, about 128 million vaccine doses have been distributed across the nation to patients who have contracted the flu. Pharmacists are also running low on flu shots, according to the news.

Some of the victims of the flu have reportedly received the flu shot recently, which didn’t stop them from falling ill.

In Boston, a public health emergency was declared after it was reported that over 1,500 patients were taken to hospitals and emergency rooms complaining flu-like symptoms.

In Massachusetts, the flu has been reportedly linked to 18 deaths, according to the authorities.

Hopefully, patients with the virus will make a quick recovery and the authorities will work hard to prevent further illnesses by identifying the reason behind this major outbreak.

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