Number Of Fatal Auto Crashes Drops, Cyclist & Pedestrian Tolls Rise

According to recent articles, the number of deaths associated with automobile crashes has been dropping, however, the number of accidents that lead to fatalities among pedestrians, motorcycle riders, bicyclists and big-truck drivers has gone up.

The official statistics gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that the number of fatal car crashes hasn’t been this low since the Truman administration but that several factors have unfortunately caused the number of fatal accidents among bicyclists and motorcycle riders to go up. Federal agents believe that police enforcement and seat belt laws have been linked to the low number of fatal car crashes but that since riders and bicyclists haven’t been following laws and recommendations regarding the use of safety gear, the number of fatalities has risen. According to the federal agency, the number of bicyclists killed in accidents increased by 8.7 percent between 2010 and 2011 while the number of pedestrian deaths has gone up by 3 percent.

Hopefully, lawmakers and traffic authorities will be able to make roads safer for bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians by implementing laws that will help to avoid fatal crashes. Riders are urged to remember that helmets could save lives. Have your safety gear on at all times and drive safely.

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