Number of Distracted Driving-Related Citations Stun Officers

distracted driving, crash, accidentDistracted driving is a serious issue. And in Las Vegas, drivers are not wasting their time on following the law.

According to a series of news reports, a special distracted driving enforcement program involving local officers resulted in 1,000 citations in the city alone. The effort happened within a two week period. The report shows that at least 960 citations were handed to drivers.

Between July 22 and August 8, officers with the Nevada Highway Patrol made 1,108 traffic stops, which resulted in 960 citations and 287 warnings. The effort was meant to boost safety by putting troopers in the street to find distracted drivers. In at least three cases, officers arrested drivers for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. During the special enforcement period, at least 115 citations were given to distracted drivers.

At least 28 people were cited for breaking seat belt laws while other 113 people were cited for cell phone violations. Suspended license-related citations were given to 17 people while 83 drivers were given registration-related citations.

Several other citations were handed out over other issues, but what raised eyebrows was the number of drivers who violated distracted driving laws.

According to the NHP, the highest number of citations were distributed to drivers who broke speeding and distracted driving rules.

Nevada is our sister state. Many of our drivers visit Las Vegas regularly and vice versa. Drivers who are serious about their safety must keep in mind that distracted driving is not only going to get you into trouble with the police. It may also kill you.

Drivers in California must use this piece of news as a warning. Instead of following this trend, keep in mind that attention to the road will give you time to react in case of an emergency.

If you’re curious to know more about what happened in Las Vegas, follow this link. In order to avoid accidents and help stay safe even if you’re driving for long distances, focus on the act of driving and warn your passengers that you must stay focused.

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