NTSB Recommends Interlocks For All Intoxicated Drivers

According to several media sources, the National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that all drivers convicted of drunken driving should have devices known as interlocks attached to their vehicles to prevent future offenses.

The agency has stated that this recommendation has been reported to 33 states that currently do not have any requirements regarding the usage of interlocks in vehicles of drunk driving offenders. News agencies reported that 17 states already require the use of the devices that won’t allow the driver to start the car until the user has passed the test. The device tests if the driver has been drinking by requiring the motorist to breathe into them.

According to a recent study, 10,000 people die yearly in accidents that are caused by drunken drivers. The use of this device would keep a driver who has been known to have been involved in incidents associated with drinking and driving from committing the same offense again, which could save lives.

Hopefully, lawmakers will look carefully into this recommendation in order to make the best decisions regarding the safety of drivers across the nation.

Motorists are urged to keep in mind that distracted and impaired driving can be deadly.

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