New Year, New Traffic Rules Go Into Effect In The Golden State

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The new year has also brought a series of new laws and rules to the Golden State. And as most Californians and outsiders talk about the new rules protecting undocumented immigrants, we decided to take a look at the news impacting drivers.

Avoid Accidents By Following CA’s New Traffic Rules

According to a series of news reports, commercial bus riders who do not wear seat belts will now be faced with tickets if caught. This is important because any driver or passenger who’s not correctly secured to their seat face serious injury risks in the event of a collision.

Aside from this new rule, another law impacting the traffic has gone into effect on January 1st.

From now on, drivers will be facing fines if they are caught smoking marijuana while behind their wheel and traveling on a state road.

This is part of the new recreational marijuana laws, which have changed the environment for weed consumers all across the state.

Regardless of how the substance is now seen under state legislature, any drug or substance that alters your state of mind will make accidents more likely to take place. Driving while intoxicated while on alcohol or cannabis should not be part of your routine.

A third change to road rules in California is also extremely important to our readers and clients.

From now on, pedestrians who begin to cross a road while the signal is blinking will no longer be subject to jaywalking laws. Still, pedestrians should never cross the street without checking both sides of the road for oncoming traffic. Pedestrians should also keep in mind that using a crosswalk to cross the street is safer as drivers are more likely to stop.

Pedestrians are also responsible for their safety and should never cross the street if it isn’t safe to do so.

On the other hand, drivers should also remember that pedestrians are vulnerable and that distracted driving may increase the risk of a collision involving a pedestrian.

Stay safe whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian by following the new laws and by never taking part in risky activities that will lead to serious and potentially deadly accidents.


For more information on new laws taking effect now, follow this link.

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